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this program, go to we're going to try and answer your questions, stay in pakistan and continueo bring the ry latest from here. right now, stay tuned for more news on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. suicide bombers going after a target in baghdad, the same center where 48 were killed two weeks ago. this attack comes days after the u.s. formerly handed over the country to pakistan. this morning, news this
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morning about an american peace corps worker killed in south africa. this man was 24 years old and called a teacher, volunteer, and coach. thank you for joining us. let me give alook at some of the other stories making headlines today. if you are looking for the adults services on craig's list, it's not there, it's blocked. last week attorneys general in 17 states accused craig's list of doing little to prevent ads for prostitution and child trafficking. bp has removed the blowout preventer. you know, that thing that did
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not prevent a blowout. the piece of equipment has been removed from the bottom of the gulf of mexico now. it's going to be a key piece of evidence in the disaster investigation. the justice department has taken k custody of it. in guatemala, 17 people have been killed in landslides there. one of the landslides carried a bus. thousands of homes have been damaged by heavy rains, and a state of emergency has deny declared. seven iraqis have been killed and 20 more are wounded. explain to us why this is such a popular target for insurgents. >> reporter: it's not the specific center, the military base has been a popular and regular attack, but it has been
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the largely iraqi security forces overall. and remember, it was hit by a suicide bomber some three weeks ago during a recruitment drive where 48 would-be recruits were there. suicide bombers tried to enter the military base, and they were this time however stopped on the iraqi security forces who open fire on them. we are hearing the death toll for now standing, 17 people killed and among them four members of the iraqi military. the prime minister put the country on high alert on august 28th saying they uncovered a plot intended to be carried out by al qaeda and other groups, t. j. >> it was just days ago we saw the formal hand over from the
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americans to the iraqis. how have the iraqis been performing? what has been the mood been like, not just what has been happening on the ground as far as the attacks, but what has the mood been like since the formal handover? >> reporter: one of the colleagues were saying the official hand over was said to take place, he said he was not going to leave his house to wait and see how the situation plays out on the streets. iraqis in baghdad are very tense and anxious, and they are aware the insurgency maintains the ability to strike and to a certain degree they feel this is the calm before the storm.
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from the iraqi perfespectivepery keep talking about how they are constantly fearful when they are going up a check point and waiting to go through, they are aware and looking around to see if something suspicious is going on. while some of them say they did welcome the u.s. troop withdrawal, they are very anxious with the ability of their own forces to perform and their future, t. j. >> we appreciate you as always. we want to turn to chile, and now today marking a month those miners from been trapped in a mine. they have been getting words of encouragement from their loved ones, thanks to a video setup by the chilean government. and then the rugby team met to console the miner relatives
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yesterday. their survival story was in the movie "alive." we will turn now to reynolds wolf, and we have been talking about days about one thing and one thing only, and we can move on now. >> yes, there is a holiday weekend and it should be nice. there are some people obviously not crazy they have to work this morning. >> yeah. >> or tomorrow. >> and those folks will enjoy really nice weather. and some places we could see snow in some of the parts of the rockies. >> snow? >> yeah, in the rockies. we have earl gone, but we still have possible development. we have the remanence of gaston,
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and he may reemerge back into possibly the kau ribbcarribean become gaston again. and we are keeping an eye on scattered showers in parts of the northern plains, and the cold air interacting with the moisture may give us rainfall and rainfall possible in parts of florida as we have the colliding sea breeze with the stationary front with the i-75 and 74 corridors. your stationary front, not going to be a big deal because the dome of high pressure will move in and stable conditions there, and back into the rockies, especially in yellowstone, late afternoon. and on the west coast, looks
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good. we have a lull developing up in the gulf of alaska. and we are surfing off the california coastline, and we should have great conditions. wet suits will be needed, and in san francisco, the fog should lift by midday. 81 in los angeles, and 109 in phoenix. and 93 degrees in dallas. 91, and 86 in kansas city. and atlanta with 84 degrees. anytime you get 84 degrees in atlanta this time of year is a good year. but the humidity will return to the southeast and the temperatures will be back in the 90s. let's enjoy it while we can, t. j. >> yeah, the humidity, well, it was great yesterday. the job numbers came out two days ago. we will show you the latest
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numbers and why there may be good news in the job market for this country's veterans. it's eight minutes past the hour here on this "cnn sunday morning" ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ my feet are killing me... you should get some custom fit orthotics. i can't afford that. now you can... oh ! dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center... ( woman ) you have flat feet... i do ? ( man ) orthotic 430 is recommended. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet, guaranteed. no wonder footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... that lasts all day.
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and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. nice ! dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. hey-- thanks ! for locations, see host: coulswinto geico did the little piggy cry wre on wee all the wahome? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: pix. ...maxwell! mom: you're home. piy:h,ol, anks mrs. a. anncr: geico. minutes could save you 15% or more. ten minutes past the hour here on this "cnn sunday morning" the jobless reports shows unemployment increased by
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a percent from last month. there are some fears about a private fear recession. and the private sector added jobs, and there were also layoffs from the census, so the government had to get rid of a lot of workers, so overall the economy lost 54,000 jobs, but the all important marker of the private sector adding 67,000 jobs. some of the statistics have a impact on the veterans returning, and josh levs looks as those numbers from us. >> we have been talking about veterans from iraq and afghanistan wars having trouble getting jobs. i think we have a chart that lays it out for you. unemployment among people that served in iraq and afghanistan have been up near 15% earlier this year. in the 12s, and 13s, and now it's at 9.4%.
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that's a big drop for unemployment. and those who have been serving in iraq and afghanistan, good news there. and unemployment is way too high for everybody, including veterans. i will also tell you that we can't read too much into the latest numbers. we would like to believe it means more members of the military who are home now are managing to get jobs, it could mean that. because of the way they calculate things, it could mean more people have been giving up looking for work, or it could be a statistical anomaly. we need to watch in the coming months and see if indeed more and more veterans are able to get jobs and that would be very good news. there are a few things you should know about, and that's what is going on in congress to help people who have been serving and are home now looking for jobs. i will tell you three things going on right now. one is a work opportunity tax
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credit. business folks pay attention to this. you get $2,400 for hiring vettin rinz, and more for disabled veterans. many are trying to get the skills they have and transfer them into skills that could help with other jobs. last thing to tell you. if you are a member of the military who is now home and looking for work, and there are a handful of web sites, and there is my address, and we have a series of web sites that could
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help. and no holiday for the president this week. tomorrow the president will be speaking with workers and their families in milwaukee at a celebration to recognize and organize labor, and then tuesday the president will welcome the nato secretary general to the white house, and then wednesday the president heading to cleveland, ohio, talking about his plans to speed up the recovery of the recession, and then friday, president obama holding a news conference at the white house, and you can imagine a lot of questions about the economy among other topics. you go into your pharmacy and trying to pick up your prescription, and the next thing you know, bullets start flying. we will explain what happened in this particular shootout, and how it didn't end there. it's 14 minutes past the hour. stay with us. [ male announcer ] let's throw on those saturday clothes.
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less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of updating your bathroom. with vanities starting at just 49 bucks. all aboard this week. just about four of us, though. we are going on the cnn election express bus heading out this week. we are checking out the important races, and some important states as well, not to put down any other states, but these are battleground states, and we will stop first in pitsburg, pennsylvania, and then we will be there live. and columbus, ohio, and
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wednesday, in covington, kentucky, and then thursday, we will roll into indianapolis. you can tune in all week for reports on the road. we are making stops in ohio, and that's considered a political crossroad. and the issues that matter to you are the same ones that matter to them there. and our producer already made his way on the road and caught up with folks in ohio. here are their concerns. >> ohio is a state that people look at. >> i hate politics. >> you will talk to people and everybody will have a different thoughts. >> i grew up in a republican family. the sarah palins is not part of what i want to be represented by. >> i stopped following it altogether because i think it's such a load of crap. >> republicans come out ahead, good, strong, candidates, and i think we will have a good run
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here in november. >> i don't see anything now. i have a nice sat that says, you know, my boss is jesus, and when i look inside and i look at the label and i see it says, made in china, okay, where is made in the usa at? >> again, the cnn election express kicking off tomorrow morning. we will take a quick break and co come right back. medical condition.ious lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish,
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york's 57th street pier. this broke out yesterday afternoon, and thanks to one of the i-reporters who happened to be on the scene, they said a lot of firefighters showed up to battle the fire, but still trying to figure out what caused it. it's under investigation but no word of any injuries associated with it. one man is dead. another in critical condition after a small plane crash crashed in front of a car dealership in florida. witnesses say the plane hit power lines before it crashed on to east international speed boulevard, and this happened on saturday. and then a shoot-out took place in sacramento, california, in a pharmacy. you are seeing surveillance of the person who was in the shooting. one person killed, and now you are seeing pharmacy of what we
8:21 am
saw, the follow-up, the man surrendered to the police yesterday, and now the search is on for other suspects that got away. one of the favorite segments here on sunday morning. we get to check in with carl azuz. that's coming up. businesses more efficiently,
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carl, you get thegood open. you get the good graphics. i am here with carl azuz. these were fun to watch, quite frankly, and a little depressing, frankly, because we are highlighting what is wrong. we are trying to fix the schools. you went and talked to some kids
8:24 am
that had great ideas. >> yeah, spoke with high school students here in the state of georgia, and one of the things that impressed me is they are engaged. these are not the slackers i used to hangout with. >> were you one of those slackers? >> i just hung out with them, but i set a good example of them. >> exactly. >> i want to you see if you can hear frustration in their voices when they talk about the budget cuts they have seen in their schools. listen to this. >> what one thing could best help fix american schools. >> at my school, they lessened up the teachers, and that was the worst idea ever. we have more kids in the classroom and that means the kids cannot be getting attention. we need to pay attention to
8:25 am
education, because that is what comes first. >> if you cut education, it's a selfish move to do in the first place. >> i would not say these kids understand the recession, and there are things that need to be cut. the problem is the first place many see it is in there schools. if you care for education, you can see how that is a problem. >> i don't think anybody would object to increased taxes if we knew the taxes were going towards the students. who are these kids? >> these students are members of 20 century leaders which is an organization that fosters leadership and they went through an interview process. they were brought in all over from the state of georgia to participate in this program.
8:26 am
>> you are a big part of the "fix hour schools" segments we did all week long. we are looking forward to see what you have next for us, my man. always good to have you. coming up, a quick look at the top stories when we come back. and also at the center of the controversy, surrounding the proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero. we will hear from the amum front and center. we will be hearing about that in our" faces of faith." [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful.
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coming up on the bottom of the hour here now, and welcome back to "cnn sunday morning" i am t. j. holmes. i want to give you stories for what are making headlines now. bp removed the blowout preventer, you know, the thing that did not prevent the
8:30 am
blowout, and it failed and now it's a key piece of evidence in the investigation, and the justice department has taken custody of it and another blowout preventer has been installed. and then news about a shoot-out that happened on thursday in sacramento, arizona, and a pregnant woman was wounded and another person killed. there was a shoot-out between the man robbing the place and the armed employee. that suspect did surrender to police. the search is now on for another suspect that got away. also, sad news out of south africa where an american peace corps worker has been killed. this was in lesotho. the investigation is under way but they believe it was a possible robbery. the young man was 24 years old
8:31 am
that was killed. and we turn to the faces of faith segment this morning. we have this morning's "faces of faith." >> reporter: he may be making headlines in the u.s., but in the middle east, the amum was mostly unknown, until he toured the region as part of a u.s. state department-sponsored program. >> no mosque here! >> reporter: as protests for and against the center were raging in the u.s., the imam shared his experiences of being a muslim in the u.s.
8:32 am
in an interview with dubai tv, he said despite the firestorm, he was committed to working for peace. >> it's unfortunate that those who have sought for other purposes, for other agendas to saw politicize such a prospect and make it a division instead of a healing. >> i think it's somehow understandable that some people in america might feel this way, but at the same time, i think it's ashame that a country like the u.s. that has been built on inclusionness. >> building a mosque in this
8:33 am
particular part of the state, i disagree with building a moss income this particular place. they can build the biggest mosque anywhere anywhere except this area. >> reporter: one sees it as a step in the right direction. >> wait was a great idea if he was sent here by the american government. >> but the new york-born muslim believes anti-islamic sentiment existed in the u.s. for a while now, and he is discouraged. >> this is my country. i have been born and raised here. grandfather, and great grandfather, and great, great, grandfather. i am american, and i don't like what i am seeing happening to my country. >> reporter: in his lecture, he was asked repeatedly about the
8:34 am
controversy, but chose his words carefully, focusing more on the inner faith dialogue rather than the scrutiny he has come under as of late. he, like other muslims, found his religion in the u.s. a message he hopes will find resonance in his adopted homeland and beyond. while the real purpose of the u.s. state department sponsored trip, he was asked more about the controversy surrounding the islamic center and mosque. what he continued to say throughout the trip being a muslim in the u.s., you are protected by the u.s. constitution, and they protected the rights of muslims much more
8:35 am
than some of the reseams here in the region. he did not weigh too deep in the controversy of the mosque and islamic center, but he did insist he would continue to work for peace until the end of his days. >> always good to see you. thank you so much. more than a billion muslims across the world will be oub serving the month of ramadan. and we have the executive director for the islamic speaker's bureau in atlanta. the imam was traveling around. >> i think muslims are lucky in one aspect and have other
8:36 am
problems in other aspects. >> you talked about the challenges, some challenges, are those starting to become more difficult in the current place we are in? >> i think the muslims got in the middle to the terrorists, you don't represent it. islam respect human lives and people, and then for the right-wing people, it's bashing, big bigotry. the mainstream majority muslims are fighting both ends. >> you mention right wingers there, and would you call it hatred or more so fear and ignorance, and by ignorance, i mean people don't understand and
8:37 am
don't know you or islam, so is it fear or there is actual hatred? >> i think there is both. a lot of it is not knowing and not being educated, but there is one of the population that just hates. >> what do you expect this september 11th anniversary to be like? it's a time where we are used to stopping for a moment and remembering the victims, but because of this climate now, surrounding the proposed islamic center and mosque, what do you expect to see on the september 11th anniversary now? >> i think as americans and human beings we all need to come together and condemn what happened and turn a page and look at the future, and see how we can work together to build our country and build a more peaceful world. we have so many issues going on in our country that impact us, such as the economy and not enough jobs, and fighting poverty and finding places for the homeless, and we need to concentrate on those things and
8:38 am
it means everybody working together and pulling together. >> wrapping up the muslim holy month, and it's falling close to september 11th. what is the rest of the country -- is this an opportunity for us all to understand islam a little better? what can people expect to see muslims in this country doing as we wrap up the holy month? >> muslims around the country will be working on a project called muslims serve, where around the country they will be volunteering to clean up parks and feed the hungry and do all kinds of community service for our fellow american citizens, our friends and family. in terms of what muslims will be doing, buying gifts for each other and celebrating their accomplishment of fasting a
8:39 am
whole month. >> we appreciate you coming in. again, a big week for this country. a big week for muslims in this country sxarnd the world as well. we appreciate you taking time out to be part of our conversations. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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serving as the warmup act to candy. are you talking about the economy this morning? >> yes, is there anything else we will talk about something else? maybe, but yes. it's labor day. we are looking at a 9.6 unemployment rate. it's a gimme. and it's getting certainly to a very crucial point for democrats who increasingly are looking at the poll numbers and are out in their home districts not liking what they see or hear. >> our ali velshi was talking about the 9.6, and he said to ignore it. but most people, they hear it went up and that's bad. is that a tough sale for the president to look deeper into the numbers and pluck out the good news when you hear the rate went up and it's 9.6%?
8:42 am
>> i think if you are going to vote for the president and his party, you are listening to that argument. i think if you are unemployed or a republican or has no intention of voting democratic, you will say, wait a minute, what about the 9.6%? i think 9.6% is a symbol. and there is about 15 million americans, and it's not just about that figure, but it's about the feel of things, and increasingly we saw this point early summer where it looked as though the economy was improving and increasingly there is a feeling that is it's now getting worse, and we will talk about the double dip recession and that kind of thing. and it's one of those statistics that people get. it's not a gross domestic product figure and you are not sure what that really includes. but 9.6% of the workforce is employed. and does it mean anything in the terms of the the actual facts of
8:43 am
unemployment? probably not. symbolically and politically, it means a lot. >> don't think for a second ali knows more than you, because you give him too much credit. >> what are the democrats going to be running on? i assume they are not going to be running on the president's coattails, if you will? >> no, i think -- it's not just this president. most presidents in mid terms don't have big coattails, and they tend to be more of a drag. increasingly what you will see particularly in the hard-fought distributes, because most of the districts are settled, very democratic or republican. we are looking at less than 100 seats where the balance of the house hangs. so what you are going to be seeing and what you are already seeing are democrats running their own race, as in they are not going to run on health care, and that has been a problem for
8:44 am
many, particularly in swing districts, and they cannot run on the economy they don't feel. they can run on local issues, and this is where democrats really want to make it about their district and their view of what they can do for their district, and not about politics as a whole across the country. >> who do you have this morning? >> this morning, richard trum kau, and then we are trying to figure out a way of how they think we can move the economy and get some of those people employed. >> candy, always good to see you. we will see you throughout the week as we are kicking off the political coverage. you can check out candy crowley in just 16 minutes, coming up at the top of the hour, 9:00 eastern.
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climb aboard the cnn election express hitting the road tomorrow. i will be aboard. we are heading to your town this week if you live in particular towns, forecast. we are focusing on important races and issues out there. first stop, pitsburg, pennsylvania. we will see you shortly. and tuesday, we are moving on to columbus ohio, and covington, kentucky, we will see you. tune in all week as we kick off the mid-term election coverage. many people out there turning to the internet to help stay fit. can you find everything out there from nutritious meal planning to a doctor online.
8:47 am
my doctor, sanjay gupta, examined web sites that help you keep on track. are. >> reporter: we live online, and so why not fit? >> sometimes the internet is the best way to search for it. if you can get the help immediately online, that's great. >> reporter: we put some of the fit nation experts on the hundred to look for the greatest online fit tools. check out the fit orbit. the trainer can adjust your fit goals on a daily basis, and keep tracking nutrition. the biggest downside? >> once it's online, the intensity can decrease a little
8:48 am
bit. and then here is google. you map out your course, and see the distance and check out the weather and you are good to go. >> users have the option of choosing frozen dinner, fast-food, and home-cooked meals, and there is an emphasis on healthy food choices. >> reporter: if all you need is a little inspiration, healthy mondays may be your one stop shop. >> it promotes small sustainable changes. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn. quick break and then we're right back. ohhh. cheesecake. ok. what if i just had a small slice?
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♪ 51 minutes past the hour now. adult services censored on craig's list. craig's list not explaining the move, but it could be a crucial first step in repairing craig's list image after repeated looks. >> one of the big things going on with craig's list now is they are saying they monitor all the ads to check to see if the girls are underage or young. so we put some words in here. sweet, innocent, new girl, and we'll see what happens. we will see if craig's list will let our ad post and see what kind of calls we get.
8:53 am
we have had, what, 15 calls? the ad has been up for three hours. 15 calls in three hours! they say they screen the adult services ad and will reject any if it looks like you are selling sex. and that was pretty blatant. >> most of the young people we work with that have been exploded online. they talk about craig's list, not the other web sites. >> reporter: we just found out the founder of craig's list will be speaking here today at a tech conference. he does not know we are coming and has been media shy.
8:54 am
can people trust kids are not being sex trafficked on craig's list. >> that was explained on our blog. >> reporter: that's where it says you will immediately contact law enforcement -- >> he does a good job showing we do more than anybody in this area, and pretty good for a community of 50 million people. >> reporter: in a craig's list blog they say they will immediately contact law enforcement anytime they have seen a suspicious ad, and you say you never have been contacted. >> we are not getting the calls. >> reporter: what are you doing to protect these girls? you guys say in the blog that you will remove any ad that looks like the person might be suggesting they are going to
8:55 am
offer sex. look at this ad. it says, young, sex see, sweet and bubbly, and she is in -- >> have you reported this to us? >> have you -- i don't know what this is. >> but in the blog, he says these are being screened. >> why do i have the responsibility to report this to you when it's your website, and you are the one posting this online? i just want to know -- okay. d s trafficking. in 2008, craig's list agreed to
8:56 am
report ads so they can work with the police. two years and hundreds of thousands of sketchy ads later, the center says craig's list has reported fewer than 100. >> craig's list has not released an official explanation of what we are seeing on the website, but company reps say they do expect to send up something this next week. a quick break and then a look at the top stories. see your lexus . [ male announcer ] let's throw on those saturday clothes. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know start making things happen... less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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candy crowley coming your way in 45 seconds. first a look on the stories we are keeping an eye on this morning. seven people killed and 21

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